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Creative iOS Accessories This Week

Change is very necessary in our lives as we soon get bored with the things that we have been using for a long time. So this time we are up with some new stuff that’ll go awesome with your iOS device. Let’s check out what our new roundup of latest iOS accessories brings in..,


USBFever an iOS accessory

The telephoto zoom lens ($50) comes with two shooting options – you can use either 12x lens or a 24x lens. Each of them is specially designed to go well with your iPhone 5S. Available in black and smoky black.



The Diamond+ ($149) might seem you a magic ball at first sight. It’s a Bluetooth speaker that can offer 10hrs of full entertainment on a single charge. In other words, it’s a little ball that spices up your loving moments and doesn’t let you feel bore.

Typo 2

Typo 2

The Typo 2 ($99) is a perfect companion for those not good at typing on touch screens. It offers users to have a BlackBerry-like keyboard affixed to the bottom of their iPhones. It’ll be debuting in the month of September, so now you can place your pre-order to get it reserved.



Want to make things a little funky around you? This MobiMates ($25) might do a job. It behaves like an iPad stand making your surrounding a bit interesting. It is available in brown or white and could be your mate while you’re sleeping.


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