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This time, our new slew of iOS accessories brings more new ideas that include everything necessary for your iOS device. Let’s find which looks perfect for your handset.



The LightMate ($30) might feel you a torch and you’ll be amazed what makes it an iOS accessory. Ok, I tell you, it’s just not a flashlight but also a source that gives power to your handset. It combines a rechargeable battery together with a USB port to offer an extra life to your iOS device.

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Wireless Boombox

The BT-4000 ($100) Rechargeable Boombox offers a wireless music streaming to bump up your outdoor party with your pals. It features an FM Radio and a 2100mAh rechargeable battery. If you were looking for that-sort-of stuff, then this is a better option for you.


Apple TV station

Are you very much conscious of your interior and for this you bring different alters to your home? If so, here’s a decent piece of wood that homes your Apple TV together with its remote. The Apple TV Station ($32) offers an elegant look that could also impress your pals.


Duracell PowerCase

The Wireless Charging Pad ($120; iPhone 5S) does a great job charging your handsets in a new way. It includes a 2000mAh battery that has enough juice to liven up your iPhone when you’re away from your home.


Shoulderpod S1

The Shoulderpod S1 ($1) helps users get the best use of their iPhone camera. Really, it provides a great filmmaking experience with no errors that usually happen when you aren’t holding your phone properly. Temporarily, you can’t get it until June 10 when it gets available.


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