Latest iOS Accessories to Explore More with Your iDevice

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New things keep coming in order to make our life more convenient. So today, we also bring you the latest iOS accessories introducing more new ways to make the best use of your device. One of them really helps those who love iPhotography. There’re also many others that grab your attention.

Patriot Memory

Patriot MemoryThe Keylight Bluetooth Keyboard ($80; iPad Air) combines backlit keys offering multiple brightness levels and 7 different colors. So now you can do your typing work even in low lights. The wide-spaced keys make sure you’re writing accurately. After 25 minutes, it automatically goes to the sleep mode in order to consume less power when not in use.

Acoustic Gadgets

Acoustic Gadgets

The company’s ClipSee ($30) comes handy especially when you’re driving. It adheres to the seatbelt making your speakerphone conversations a lot easier. The handy accessory enlarges your phone’s speaker to a great extent. So, why not to make our drive safe with this little handy tool?



The Snappgrip ($70) does a great job as it spices up your photography experience. It attaches to your phone giving you a feel like holding a DSLR camera. There won’t be any error while using this control instead helps in getting a stunning shot.

Stem Innovation

Stem Innovation

The Izon v2.0 Wi-Fi Video Monitor ($130) is a handy tool for those who want to keep an eye on their kids. You can also set the system to give you an alert on seeing any movement. Now, you’ve someone who knows everything that happens in your home.


RazerThe Razer Junglecat ($100) is a game controller that also serves as a case. With this handy case, you can double up your gaming experience at your iPhone. Really, playing on a touchscreen may be troublesome for many.

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