Latest Gadgets for Apple Devices: Iring, Tiny Camera and Bubble Case

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Today latest gadget for Apple Devicess brings some different and incredible things for readers that will surprise them to know about the fabulous and mind blowing accessories of technology.

The list contains three items of the week including a bubble wrap case for iPhone, iRing controller for iTV and the last but not the least is the world’s smallest digital fish camera. This entire product’s news spread in news feeds just like a fire and create a thrilling. Let’s have a review about all one by one.

Bubble Wrap Case for iPhone:

Bubble Wrap Case for iPhoneThis is a very unique and effective product of latest gadgets for Apple devices that gives you a way to get relief from tension because with this you can release your stress by popping these bubbles which produce sounds like real bubbles. If I am not wrong then hope you will enjoy this activity in your early years of life and now you can enjoy this if you have an iPhone 5 wrap in this case. You can purchase it in 17 euro from Strapya.

iRing controller for iTV:

iRing controller for iTVThis news in rumors that Apple is trying to launch a small and beautiful iRing which become you able to control your iTV and can easily wearable in your finger.

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This will give you a stunning look and this control wills possible with the connection made through Bluetooth and no tension to charge anymore because it will consume energy from your device through Bluetooth. This was the idea of Victor Soto and will release at the end of 2013 along with the launch of iTV. This iRing has buttons to play and pause, with the volume controller keys which feels you comfortable and proud.

World’s smallest digital fish camera:

World’s smallest digital fish cameraYes, it is one of the best products that should be included in the list of latest gadget in week. It is as small as you can hank it with a key ring but have excellent features. It has 170 degree lens, micro SD slot, 2 to 12MP along with a detachable battery. This little camera is designed by Greg Dash who belongs to the University of Aberystwyth in Wales.

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It is made without screen preview which does not create suspense in users to watch and to preview the previous pictures that how they look in pictures for which you have to wait until store in your computer. Except this it is an eye catching device with all its fantastic features even you can make HD videos.   

Moreover, if you want to make it faster then you can adjust its resolution quality by going to the setting option. USB cable is used to transfer the data on to the other device. You can buy this in 35,000 euro within few days.


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