iPhone Electric Shock Case, Protect Your Device from Robbery

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It sounds dramatic and amazing that is iPhone has a case containing quality to give electric shock while it is going to be stolen. Yes it is true and wonderful feature of a case that iPhone electric shock case protects it from robbery.

This case named “yellow jacket” and first made for iPhone 4 and 4S. No doubt iPhone is an expensive device which you take care a lot so you have to be very secure about its safety. You can use this case which will catch a thief when he will try to robber it.

Now in society, it become the popular act among youngsters or professional robbers to stole pieces of phone especially iPhones so by using this case you can save your device from evil persons.

iPhone electric shock case

Uses of electric shock case:

If you are worried to protect your iPhone then stop worrying more and buy an electric case. IPhone electric shock case protects it from robbery and available in market in four different colors white, black, golden and pink.

All these colors are gorgeous in look and you can choose your favorite one according to your gender or likeness. IPhone electric case is known in the world of cases with “yellow jacket” which will gives shocks to robbers and injured them because of its electric shocks zappers.

Yellow JacketI know what you are thinking now and what you have question in mind for its use that if it can injure to robber then it can also be injure to you.

I want to mention here that it has electrodes along with safety hold and it will start its process when you will give command to it by pressing its start mode and don’t worry about its shock because it become active after few seconds so you will become safe and just harm to robbers.

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It is designed by Louisiana and robber will receive 650,000 of electric volt from it. Are you interested to purchase this product then it will become possible to buy for you by paying $85 and cover your iPhoen with this amaze case. Not even this, it also gives an elegant look to your iPhone and makes it attractive in eyes of other people.

Its weight will be round about eight Oz including device and one inch thick. Keep in mind that you have to charge it when it gives a sign of lower voltages, you can easily do it by using gadget’s wire.

Use of iPhone electric shock case is very easy and simple; you can make your calls on daily basis in your casual routines without facing any trouble and the advantage is that to protect your device to stolen.

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