iPhone 5C Accessories Start To Flow; Moshi leads the way

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iPhone 5C Accessories Start To Flow; Moshi leads the way

Although the Apple did this time around make a set of their own home made cases for iPhone 5C and 5S, the accessory makers like the Moshi would not be deterred. While the massive majority of the cases made for iPhone 5 already fit the iPhone 5S as they have got basically the same physical features. The iPhone 5C is a little different story. The iPhone 5C accessories start to flow and thanks to the Moshi who leads the way.

The size of iPhone 5C is so slightly different from that of iPhone 5 or 5S, so you will want to make sure that your case fits the upcoming generation before you switch up. Of course iPhone 5C works with the similar hardware inside, camera, operating system as the iPhone 5, so it would be strange if you upgraded from one to other.

The Moshi’s iGlaze Remix for iPhone 5C works with the pliable design made to protect against light shock and bumps. You will have a hard coating around the outside for the protection against the jabs, and the entire case is bendable enough to be able to slip on&off the iPhone 5C with great ease. The case protects all of the physical buttons of iPhone 5C.

In this range you will find a collection of $30 units in different colors like mustang yellow, Diablo blue, onyx black, corsa red, rose pink and ceramic white. Have a look at the full range at the Moshi online starting in the October and meanwhile will be available for pre order on 13th of this month and available in the store on 29th (September).


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