iPad 5 Security Arm brings Great Utility

| October 22, 2013 | 2 Comments

iPad 5 Security Arm brings Great Utility

iPad 5 security arm combines all the benefits of the latest iPad 5 Security Lock and Space Enclosure, with a flexible security arm. Best for education, corporate, healthcare environments. For more lock queries, visit Apple Locks.

The iPad 5 Security Arm secures your tablet from theft attempts and it is completely shock-resistant. All Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G Radio frequencies are totally uninterrupted by this enclosure.

iPad 5 Security Arm brings Great Utility

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  • Top class aluminum construction
  • Simple mounting
  • Comprises padding for your iPad protection
  • Compatible with the latest iPad 5
  • View portrait or Landscape  with 90` rotating
  • Superb for corners
  • Pan, Swing, and Tilt motion for the adjustability
  • Can be fixed 10.75 away from the wall

iPad 5 Security Arm brings Great Utility

You should secure your new iPad 5 after all you’ve paid for it, so why not to protect it?

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