Incredible iPhone Cases This Week

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Incredible iPhone Cases This Week

You’re going to enjoy some incredible iPhone cases in this week’s iPhone cases roundup, with some enchanting models for all tastes and seasons. Moreover, we’ve a special kind of treat for the lovers of the velocipede, who can put their wheels finally where their handsets are.


The TNA ($15; iPhone 4 & 4S) is made from soft and cozy silicone rubber which keeps your handset safe from scratches and bumps and helps you to grip it more comfortably.

Incredible iPhone Cases This Week

It sports a 3 dimensional fashionable pattern and available in pink, black, white, green, aqua, grey, blue and purple.


The Magnetyze ($60; iPhone 5) protects your phone with a special kind of hardshell case which replaces the Apple’s standard lightning connector with the custom connector well-matched with the company’s line of the magnetic accessories.

Incredible iPhone Cases This Week

According to the BuQu, the onboard magnetic connector secures your iPhone from tear and wear, and makes it much easier to connect to a PC or to one of different add~ons which comprise desk, wall, and car chargers.


The CaptCase ($45; iPhone 5) gives a great combination between the form and functionality. Made from the premium leather with a microfiber interior, it also offers a protective cover and comprises additional room for cash and credits or ID cards.

Incredible iPhone Cases This Week

In spite of its 360 degrees of safeguard, this nifty case lets you use your iPhone even when not in use or closed, and confirms that you can continue to get its buttons, ports and cameras.


Made for the cycling enthusiasts, the Cruiser Bike ($16; iPhone 5) is built from sturdy plastic with a backing plate got from natural walnut.

Incredible iPhone Cases This Week

The case offers an attractive bicycle motif imprinted on the back, and gives smooth access to all of the possible ports and cameras.

Kate Spade New York

The Petula Stripe ($40; iPhone 5) is built from sturdy resin to keep your iPhone safe and sound during the everyday use.

Incredible iPhone Cases This Week

As its name depicts, this nifty case offers a horizontal~striped pattern of interchanging sea glass & bright beryl green hues.


The Hybrid ($45; iPhone 5) comes with a thin back plate made from the sturdy tigerwood inlaid with the maple design which replicates a map of the world.

Incredible iPhone Cases This Week

The enchanting design is molded against a tough, plastic shell, comes in white or black, which gives grip and protection.

Landmarks and Lions

The Antherton ($49; iPhone 5) protects your iPhone with a sleeve got from the soft lambskin leather, with an additional protective interior wool touched finish.

Incredible iPhone Cases This Week

The case~handmade in the US~ available in red/black or white/tan, and also gives a slot where you can store some cash or credit cards.


The Vital ($35; iPhone 5) gives an innovative, dual~layer design which mixes an energy~absorbing inner layer with the hard outer shell to safeguard against impacts.

Incredible iPhone Cases This Week

Fashionable and yet durable, this nifty case comes in white/black or black/black.


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