Identifying a Refurbished iPhone

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When you purchase something new like an iPhone you are immensely excited regarding your purchase and sometimes you overlook the factor of actually evaluating your purchase.

The main thing you need to focus on when you buy an iPhone is refurbishment. An iPhone may be exchanged or returned after it’s sold and in this scenario Apple usually repackages the iPhone. The repackaging is done for reselling. Such an iPhone can be termed as refurbished iPhone.

refurbished iphone identification

Drawbacks of the iPhones refurbishment

There are some drawbacks associated with iPhone that are refurbished.

  • They may have undergone major repair.
  • They may have some replaced parts.

The Positive aspect

Even if an iPhone is refurbished it is available for resale only when it is certified as operational and functional by Apple.

Differentiate Between a New and Refurbished Device:

Whenever you visit a vendor there is a risk that he might try to sell you an iPhone that is refurbished. Well you should be having the adequate awareness to differentiate between a new device and a refurbished device.

Apple-Certified-Seal1. If the packaging consists of an “ Apple Certified ” seal then that is a clear cut indication that the iPhone is refurbished.

2. Clearly analyze the packing. Usually a refurbished iPhone would be present  in a box that would be white in color. The other possibility that iPhone can be in any other packing except for the branded one. This would also indicate that the iPhone may have undergone refurbishment.

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3. Study the serial number well. It will give you a clear cut clue regarding the device. You  simply need to visit the “Home screen”. Then you should visit the “Settings” option.

Then choose the “General” option and in the end you should select “About”.

When serial number option is selected you will get a detail insight regarding the fact whether the iPhone is new or refurbished. Usually the digits that form the serial number indicate the date of manufacture and production of the iPhone.

Let’s say if number “5” is present at the beginning of the serial number that indicates refurbishment because Apple changes the serial number to begin with “5” when the iPhone is refurbished.

Now you should also study the third digit of the serial number. It actually identifies the date of manufacture. For example if the third digit is 7 this indicates that the iPhone was manufactured in 2007.

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Studying the fourth and fifth digit is equally important. Let’s assume that fourth and fifth digits are “51” then this indicates that it was manufactured by the end of December.

However the benefit of doubt still has to be given because in some cases there might be a possibility that the serial number indicates a back date of manufacture and iPhone might still be unused and maintaining its original packing.

The above mentioned steps will still be very useful for the user to determine the actual facts regarding an iPhone. If the user has adequate awareness they are minimal chances that he might end up buying a refurbished iPhone.

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