How to create a great iPhone tripod

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You can be as creative with the use of your iPhone as possible. It is all up to you how you use it to your benefit. You might be surprised that an iPhone can even do the job of a flip video camera.

The only thing you need to do is design an iPhone tripod to accomplish this task with ease. Now no longer you need to invest on expensive video camera when a simple tripod can make your iPhone act like a superb video camera.

iPhone Tripod

You can make your make your favorite videos doing your daily chores. You can even create tutorial based videos. Technology has a lot of learning for those individuals who want to bring about a difference and want to learn something out of the box. You just need the skill to get the job done in the perfect possible manner.


However there are certain items you will need to create an iPhone tripod.

Tripod making requirments1. A metal clamp.

2.  A super glue.

3. A small nut and same size of screw.

4. A hammer.


guidelinesThe following steps will help your way out in creating a tripod for your iPhone and you can use it as per your convenience.

Step 1:  You have to take the hammer and bend the clamp.

Step 2:  Now that you have bent the clamp you have to attach a screw at the bottom of the clamp.

Step 3:  Now what you have to do is put a base plate at the bottom of the clamp and put the nut on the screw. The sticking has to be done with the glue.

Step 4:  Attach your iPhone into the clamp.


Suggestions1. Always clamp to the side of the iPhone. Never clamp to the middle of the iPhone. Otherwise you might break the screen in that process.

2. Secondly you should give sufficient amount of time to the base plate and the screw to stick together otherwise if it is not stuck up in the right manner the iPhone can fall and be damaged. These small suggestions are very useful and can prevent major damages.

3. Just read the tutorial above and try to create your iPhone tripod. You can definitely save some money this way and you can invest this money in someplace else.

4. If you are successful in designing your own tripod maybe one day you will be able to design something better and far more superior so utilize your technological skills to attain the maximum output.

5. One thing that is very important is that you should ardently follow the suggestions otherwise you might end up damaging your iPhone and that is something you would definitely would not want to happen. Therefore you need to be careful regarding this issue to attain the maximum benefit.

Click Here to See Video of the Tetoriol.

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