Hands-on with New Batch of iOS Accessories 2014

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New iOS accessories 2014

Finally, we’ve come with a new batch of iOS accessories 2014 that ensures the continuity of modern transitions for your iOS devices. This slew of iOS accessories will set a tone for manufacturers to produce sophisticated stuff in upcoming time. Let’s have a peek at this new bunch, is there any catchy thing?


speaker dock for your iPhone

The manufacturer has announced 3 new products: the Sound Rise ($69), a Bluetooth enabled clock and speaker dock for your iPhone – the Pocket Kick ($99), a handy Bluetooth speaker which lets you enjoy music for up to 10Hrs – the Double Spot ($119),  a wireless speaker system giving an extra touch to your favorite music.


all iOS-compatible gaming controller

The One ($100) is a first gaming controller, which is compatible with all sorts of iOS devices. It claims up to 10Hrs of gameplay without irritating clutter of wires. The thrilling look tempts you to get your hands on it. It’ll be on sale in the mid of 2014.

Tabu Products

Smart bulb control with iPhone

The Lumen LED ($70) is an app-enabled Smart Bulb which requires no specific socket to be working as it fits into any standard socket, So, it’s all that from it, no no, the catchy part of this bulb comes when you control it from your iPhone. Above all, you can switch it through a variety of different modes such as party, relaxation and romance.


Waterproof speaker system

The BoomBottle H20 ($100) is an upgraded version that offers up to 8Hrs of playback. The waterproof, wireless and strong structure are the things which make it appealing from all angles.


iOS Accessories 2014

The Sanus’s VTM21 ($100), a 4-in-one stand for iPad Air. The package includes an articulated arm, MagFit iPad case, and a removable stand. It offers completely hands free viewing anywhere, it could be your kitchen, bedroom, or classroom. It will be on sale in the month of March.


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