Get Wello iPhone Case and Stay Updated with your Health Vagaries

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Get Wello iPhone Case and Stay Updated with your Health Vagaries

The new iPhone cases keep coming at regular interval of time. Sometime they are just ok and sometime they shock us by new innovation. That’s what happens this time, the new Wello iPhone case claims to keep an eye over your health concerns including blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen level. Above all, you can see your ECG waves fluctuating according to your heartbeat.

The inventive case holds some built-in sensors, which come handy when you need to find your health conditions, which could be anything from heartbeat to blood pressure. You shouldn’t be getting assistance of a doctor in these little issues as far as Wello is with you.

Wello iPhone Case

You aren’t gonna have some specialized medical courses to operate it. You only need to have an iPhone and of course Wello, that’s it. Check your health status over regular period of time like daily, weekly and monthly basis. The creator of this case promises to come with more new things such as glucose scale, which may take lesser time than anyone thing.

The man behind this new idea, Mr Hamish Patel (CEO & Founder of Wello) who has been prepping for that sort of thing for last two years. He talked about the limitation of device as it’s not only for US folks but also for those who live in the developing countries where you can find lots of lack over health issues. The Android users can also have Wello but as a standalone device not as a case for their handset. Though, you might also see a 3rd party case for Android users.

It is now available for Pre-order in USA, China, Canada, India, Singapore, UK, Hong Kong and EU. It’ll set you back at $199, but early buyers can save up to $10 if they place an early pre-order.


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