Get Your Device protected by Kindle Fire Lock

| November 26, 2013 | 2 Comments

 Get Your Device protected by Kindle Fire Lock

Want to protect your device from all possible theft attempts? Kindle Fire Lock is ready for you introducing a new and innovative lock system. It is a 2 piece,  theft limiting solution. Ideal for stores, trade shows, display units and more.

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The Glue On locking plate is playing a vital role in this lock system with built in security slot. One other thing which also plays a good job  is the steel cable that’ll discourage all possible thefts. Loop this cable around a static object and place the other end of this cable to your tablet or any other thing which you like to secure.

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You have spent some wealth on something, so what about to save it by simply spending a fraction of that you’ve spent already. You care for your car and lock it up, do not you?

 Get Your Device protected by Kindle Fire Lock

You save your valuable info on your device and it logs into your accounts automatically it could be your financial accounts. So do you really want some one else to have access on that?

Price: $99.95

 Get Your Device protected by Kindle Fire Lock

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