Fresh iOS Accessories For Your Device

| November 13, 2013 | 2 Comments

Fresh iOS Accessories For Your Device

Our new iOS accessories roundup comprises some items that’ll allow you to use your iPhone in wilderness. So get yourself ready for this new stuff.


Fresh iOS Accessories For Your DeviceThe PowerPot V ($149) allows you to charge your handset by filling its pot with some water, placing this pot over heat source then resulting steam produces electricity for your iPhone to charge.


Fresh iOS Accessories For Your DeviceThe E6300 ($50) is a wireless, thin keyboard designed for the iPad use. The keyboard that is available at Wal Mart, comprises iOS specific function keys, and it gives the usage of one month on a single charge.

Plus Us

Fresh iOS Accessories For Your DeviceThe LifeLink ($24) is an ultra-thin USB cable designed to connect your Apple devices when you are on the go. It can be sit into your pocket and wallet perfectly. The company is taking Pre Orders now for this device.


Fresh iOS Accessories For Your DeviceYou can now use your iPhone to open wide place and say ahhh! The Kinsa Smart thermometer connects into your iPhone, place the other end of Kinsa under your tongue, and it’ll give your health information to an application on your iPhone. It hasn’t released shipping or pricing information so far.

Griffin Technology

Fresh iOS Accessories For Your DeviceThe Moto TC Rally ($100) is kind of car toy which can be controlled simply using an application on your handset. It could be a fun for your kids as they’re gonna love it. Moto TC Rally is well compatible with the most devices having iOS 6.0 or later one. I think this is going to become a weird kind of stuff in our latest is accessories.


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