Fascinating iOS Accessories this Week

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Fascinating iOS Accessories this Week

We’ve assembled some fascinating iOS accessories in this week that bring you some new batteries to recharge your iPad and iPhone, and a solar~powered keyboard case, stands, speakers, photo gear, and..oh, just read that.


Fascinating iOS Accessories this Week

The Astro3 ($50) is a 12,000~mAh external battery which can recharge your handset 6 to 7 times. It can also detect the sort of device that you connect in order to confirm the quikest~possible recharge, and it features 3 plug~in ports, so that the entire family can recharge their devices with great ease.

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Fascinating iOS Accessories this WeekThe iKlip stand ($70) is a tabletop holder for your tablet. It is publicized as a way for the musicians to set their iPad above the keyboard or the other hardware, but it is also helpful for the home, office and school environments.


Fascinating iOS Accessories this Week

The Mo’Beats HD ($100) is a rechargeable, Bluetooth speaker designed to generate a cinematic experience with your tablet: just set your iPad in the viewing support on the top, and you have got movie~quality sound to escort your actual movies. The company also mentions it for the gaming.


Fascinating iOS Accessories this Week

This Hong Kong~based manufacturer has generated the U~Stone ($120), a 12,000~mAh battery which can recharge your tablet once, or your iPhone up to 9 times ~ the latter allowing you to go a whole week before the plugging your iPhone into the wall outlet. The battery has been recently accessed on the Amazon.com and the eBay.


Fascinating iOS Accessories this Week

The Eye~Fi ($50) Mobi wireless SD card, like the older Eye~Fi cards, wirelessly conveys your images from the DSLR cameras back to iPhone or iPad. But it makes it easier to live~stream your photos, as you capture them, to your Android or iOS devices. A ‘pre’ ($95) version enlarges the memory to 16GB and lets you sharing to PCs and laptops, as well.


Fascinating iOS Accessories this Week

The Sound Spot ($70) is a Bluetooth speaker featuring ‘mid~century design motivation’. It comprises a built~in, Lithium~ion rechargeable battery which gives up to 7 hours of the listening, along with a USB port to allow you to charge your iPhone directly.  This nifty speaker system is accessible now from the rel=”nofollow” Target.


Fascinating iOS Accessories this Week

The Albergo ($300) is a clock type radio ~ a really decent clock radio ~ which comprises Bluetooth skills for streaming audio from iOS device. It also comprises a FM/AM tuner so that you may listen to radio broadcasts. Tuning radio can be set with the complimentary remote control.


Fascinating iOS Accessories this Week

Think you have seen every keyboard for iPad out there? The Solar QWERTY ($45) wireless Bluetooth keyboard case pulls its power from sun, thanks to the solar panel above the keyboard, in spite of lacking the regular wired charge. Available in silver and black.

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