Exclusive iPhone/iPad Accessories For All Time

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Useful iOS Accessories for All Time

Don’t you think, Your device is in a need of something new that makes your contact more easy with it? We bring you the exclusive iPhone/iPad accessories that’ll help you pick your own one. Our new range includes wireless USB Drive, battery packs, stands and more.


The high-end Okidokeys system ($179) is just awesome aiding human lives with great ease, get rid of having lots of messy keys. The new lock system allows you to bolt your house’s main entrance or doors with only a single swipe on your iPhone. It has never been so cozy before. So, control your home sitting miles away from your house. You can share this lock system with your family members or anyone else you think better to go inside your home. Give it a try and feel free.

IK Multimedia

iRig Mic HD, rock your iPhone

The iRig Mic HD ($100) is supposed to be the first and the best handheld microphone for Mac and iOS devices. It features a USB cable and Lightning connector. It won’t let you down while recording your sound on different apps such as, iRig Recorder, VocaLive and AmpliTube.


Enjoy multiple vewing experience

The FlipStand ($50) is an ideal hands-free stand for your iPad, that comes with 22 exclusive positions making your viewing experience more comfortable. Available in Black/Black or Tan/White color schemes.


Tunewear a perfect companion in the rainy days

The Tunewear TUNEMAX RUGGEDPOWER ($68) is a 9000mAh sturdy battery that fits perfectly on your waist while you’re on the go and powers up your device when needed. Above all, it can survive even after the submersion of water for 90 minutes. You can enjoy the full power on your handset for thrice.

Tinsel & Timber

Get your Apple TV  into sophisticated design

The Apple TV Holder ($49) is a nice way of displaying and holding your Apple TV set. It is now available in maple or walnut. It is totally hand finished with wax and natural oil, which is enough to boost your interior look.


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