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Some people like to have iPhone but feel irritated due to its touch function and cannot able to deal this device with its touch screen especially when they play games. Now this will not happen more because you have an option to control your device by using iPhone joystick IT.

This is an instrument used to giving commands to your device. It is easily touchable to the screen and soft to use. More than this, it protects the screen of the device from scratches, easily removable and can use for all devices having touch screen functionality. No wire is used to attach with your iPhone, also no need to charge it. Just pay to purchase it and nothing else.


iphone joystick

What you need to use it:

iphone joystick ITiPhone Joystick IT is very simple in use and easily controllable with slipping and sliding on the screen. It fixes with the screen and made it with soft material so that cannot cause to damage the display of your iPhone.

If you are interested to use joystick to play games on your iPhone then you need to purchase it first. Attach it to screen by pressing it but do not over press because it may harm to the display and damage can occur.

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It is the best choice to use as a handle for touch devices, which is the best quality of this stick that once you buy it then you can use it for many other devices but these should be touch controlled. Different versions are available in market to acquire this stick. If you have iPad then you need to have two paired stick to make control easier.joystick-it

It is made of solid milled aluminum material and designed by ThinkGreek to facilitate iPhone users to control its touch screen. Its surface is made with soft form and light in weight that can easily stick with screen and whenever you need to tap the button just push the pump of this stick and it will work. You are free to place it on any area of the screen wherever you need according to the game instructions.

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It will not work in some cases when you prefer to play action games and for which you have to slide your fingers over and over up and down immediately so for that you have to use your fingers but many other games are easily controllable with joystick.

Except this you cannot use this iPhone Joystick IT for other performing tasks on your device except one of these. Although these are few drawbacks of this stick but its usage for playing games is too much without having any harm effects for your iPhone’s screen.

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