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If you have decided to free your digital music from your iPhone and you want to opt up for an iPhone docking station that will allow to play your music out loud and in high quality then you must go through this tutorial to gather the in depth insight regarding the working of a docking station.

iphone docking station the choice for youthIf you go through the below mentioned tutorial you will discover some great features of the docking station. Every docking station works a bit differently, but the basics are usually the same. It is very important to understand and know the use of the docking station features otherwise the sound quality will not be the best. The below tutorial guides you and tells you that height and distance placements can affect the sound quality.

Guidelines for IPhone Docking Station

Follow the below mentioned steps to enjoy the benefits offered by the iPhone docking station.

docking station for IPhoneStep 1: Attach your iPhone to the docking station. Remember you may need an adapter depending upon the model of your iPhone.

Step 2:  Once your iPhone is docked simply turn your dock and hit play to listen to music.

Step 3:  You can select the music right on the device. However some devices have touch sensitive controls. You need to touch lightly to navigate.

Step 4:  Some docking systems even come with remote controls and you can play your music even if you are away from your device.

Step 5:  If your dock also has an FM Tuner you can switch to radio and can select your favorite station. If the local station are not according to your liking then another option is to stream internet radio from Pandora. Launch the Pandora app from your iPhone. Then you should select your favorite Pandora station and you can instantly hear music.

Step 6: If you want to hear your music through this great speaker you will be needing an external connection. If your dock has an iPhone cable place then you can use an audio cable to hook other music resources. You can use a second music player or enter its Smartphone into your dock.

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Step 7: Now comes the factor of getting the best sound. Place your iPhone dock in an open space and the speakers should face the area where you are sitting. This will give you great sound. The dock should be about listening height. Keep the dock to your level if you are sitting or standing. The distance is equally important if you place your dock near a wall it will make a better base. If you move the dock away from the wall then that would generate a tighter base.

 You have to read the above tutorial to utilize the best features of your iPhone docking station and if you follow them correctly using your docking station then this is bound to become a fun activity. Now you can be confident that whatever dock you choose will give you the best music.

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