DIY Manual for Cool iphone Cases

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People spend huge amounts to purchase iphones. Well, all the perfect iphones need cool iphone cases as well.It is no longer needed to spend huge amounts on costly iphone cases. One can easily design a perfect case by following simple set of steps. One just needs to have skill and talent to design the best iphone case.

Manual for Cool iphone Cases


  • 2 outer fabric pieces of 6? x 4?
  • A button
  • A bit of buttonhole elastic
  • Two cotton wadding pieces of 6? x 4?
  • One  pocket fabric piece of 4? x 4?
  • Two lining fabric pieces  of 6? x 4?


The following steps will provide a great understanding of designing your cool iphone cases.

  1. You should take a pocket piece and fold the top edge over 1/8? – 1/4? and thenpress. The folding and pressing should be repeated. Then the top should be stitched to hold the fold in place.
  2. You should position the pocket on the front piece having the right sides in an upward position. You need to sew the pocket sides into a position near to the fabric edge and less than 1/4? seam allowance.
  3. You have to layer the top right sides and lining piece together followed by another waddling piece. Sewing should be done along the pouch. Then you should set it aside.
  4. Cut a plus 1/2? button hole elastic, which will be needed to go around the button when it it sewed on. It should be folded in half. Position the backpiece of the fabric in a way that you can easily figure out the middle of the top of the back piece. Now you need to layer with waddling underneath and the elastic should be positioned in the middle, raw edges matching. One should sew across less than 1/4? from the top, then reverse over and sewing should be repeated to secure in place. The lining piece has to be layered with the right sides together and sewing should be done along the top as done with the front piece.
  5. Then you should press open. Then having the right sides together, you need to match the lining pieces together and the outer pieces as well. Then sewing should be done round the edge.  You should start 1/3 from the corner on the lining and finish 1/3 way past in order to leave 1/3 in the middle of the lining so that it can be turned in the right way round. The corners should be clipped andthe right side should be turned out through the lining gap.
  6. The lining raw edges should be folded into it and sewed near to the edge. Whipstitch can be applied on the opening by hand. The lining should be folded inside and pressed. A button should be sewed to the front. It should be of a good size for the elastic.

If you follow the above mentioned steps in an efficient manner you can easily design cool iphone cases. They are great for personal use and can be given as great gifts too. Believe in originality and anything designed by your own hand is definitely original and priceless.

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