Decent iPhone Cases This Week

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Decent iPhone Cases This Week

The release of new iPhones is always followed by the flood of new cases, that’s why we come again with some decent iPhone cases that will really make your new iPhone more nifty.


The Live Wire ($20; iPhone 5C) is made from sturdy, double molded polycarbonate for long lasting protection from bumps and falls.

Decent iPhone Cases This Week

Available in pink, black, white or gray, and it sports specific bumps in its neon accent which help prevent scratches when your iPhone is lying flat.


The VaultKase P5 ($45; iPhone 5 and 5S) combines a hard plastic exterior with a soft rubber exterior that protect your iPhone from scratches and bumps.

Decent iPhone Cases This Week

Orée Design

The Wireless Power Sleeve (€90; iPhone 5 and 5S) made from natural wood and top class leather for a fabulous look and feel which protects both the back and front of your handset.

Decent iPhone Cases This Week

The case, that comes in either walnut or maple with natural blue leather, also comes with a wireless battery charging.


The iGlaze Remix ($30; iPhone 5C) is made from a pliable material with a hard coating to form a case which comes with great protection.

Decent iPhone Cases This Week

Comes in white, yellow, pink, black, red, or blue.


The Hybrid Slim ($20; iPhone 5C) is made from scratch resistant, antislip backing, silicone inner lining for great grip and awesome protection from little accident.

Decent iPhone Cases This Week

The Joy Factory

The Cameron ($18; iPhone 5C) is especially designed to give simple but effective protection from the everyday use by wrapping your iPhone in a transparent cover that gives great grip.

Decent iPhone Cases This Week

Griffin Technology

The Doxie Separate ($30; iPhone 5 and 5S) comes with a polycarbonate backplate with the TPU frame for great protection at the corners and in the edges.

Decent iPhone Cases This Week

The case comes in many different colors. With some individual components which can be mix and matched to your own taste.


The Outrigger ($30; iPhone 5C) comes with a durable, semi flexible body, with the reinforced interior edges for the maximum protection that extends to your iPhone’s buttons.

Decent iPhone Cases This Week


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