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This week we bring you the latest iOS accessories spicing up your experience at iOS devices. One of them allows you to capture a stunning shot, no matter light is low while others double up your party with pals. Let’s have a peek at them.


ScoscheThe BoomBottle mini ($50) might give you a feel that you are going to a trip when you need to store water and food in that-sort-of containers. But this little guy offers you a continuous playback of 11hrs, enough for a regular party. So, enjoy Bluetooth wireless audio streaming with BoomBootle mini.

Fuse Chicken

Fuse Chicken

The Une Bobine ($35) is a soft cable that offers a perfect molding according to your needs. It’s a multipurpose accessory that can be treated as a tripod for getting photos, a charger and a holder for your iPhone.

Bite My Apple


Everyday we take photos; really it has become one of the main things on our smartphones. So, here’s an accessory that helps you take shots even in low lights adding more spark to your photos. The Nova ($50) is a wireless flash for iPhone users. Don’t let you loving moments go astray.


AdessoThe Xtream S2 ($60) is a bluetooth speaker featuring ‘Double Bass’ subwoofer sound and can last up to 10hrs of continuous music playback. You can also receive calls using microphone that extends the time to 11hrs.

This Is Ground

This Is Ground

The Cargito Charging Case ($165 for iPad Air; $155 for iPad mini) is cativating leather case that combines a battery pack to charge up your mobile phone while you’re on the go. Available in different choice of colors.


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