Crystallized Designing Of iPhone Cover

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iPhone cover designing is  itself an art. You can come with creative ideas and give individuality to  the cover of your iphone. Crystallizing the cover of the iphone is comparatively a new concept and is a great idea to adopt to give that magical look to the case. Your case will be far better than the ordinary styles available in the market.

create a magnificent masterpiece


  • You will need a cocktail stick that can easily pick up the crystals.
  • Small Crystals are required, which will be used to decorate the case of the iphone.
  • You should be having a good quality adhesive like “GS Hypo Cement.”
  • You would be needing a strong adhesive like “ e6000 adhesive.”
  • You would require a syringe.
  • A Blu Tack will also be needed in plugging the syringe end.
  • A simple iphone case will also be required for decoration of the crystals.


The following points will guide you into designing the best iphone cover.

  • Rubbing down the surface is very essential for a better bonding. However, it has to be done in a mild manner to avoid damaging the surface.
  • The particles generated by rubbing also have to be cleaned before placing the crystals.
  • The bonding agent should be applied at the corner. That would also serve as the starting point. You should avoid applying too glue  much otherwise it would dry up quickly and you would be unable to place the crystals. Using a syringe will also be a smart idea.
  • Now fill the first row neatly with crystals.
  • The crystals have to be placed very close to each other. There should be no overlapping and there has to be a harmony in the placement.
  • Now the same procedure has to be continued row by row.


  • The whole procedure has to be done very delicately only then the final product will turn out as expected.
  • It is very important to use a good quality adhesive.
  • Try getting crystals of same size and that adds symmetry to the design.
  • You can even choose small pearls or even small stones will do the job in an effective manner.
  • Never start placing the crystals from the center. If you start off from the center it would become difficult to maintain a straight line.
  • If you are using pearls there are a variety of colors available in the market. Go for soft colored pearls like beige or white if you want to take your phone cover to office. If you like that funky look then you can opt for bright colors like pink. However, the catch is that the color combinations should blend in well.
  • Aftercare is very important for such iphone cases if you want to continue using them for a long time. Avoid dropping them and placing them in corners otherwise the crystals might come off easily.
  • iphone cover designing gives you a canvas to apply your talent. Therefore, apply your maximum skill and prove yourself.

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