Creative iOS Accessories This Week

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Creative iOS Accessories This Week

This week’s roundup of the iOS gear comprises a camera that twist around itself to peer into the deep or dark places, Along with usual array of speakers, batteries, and chargers. So get yourself ready for some creative iOS accessories this week.

Bite My Apple

Creative iOS Accessories This WeekThe Vaavud ($45) is a wind meter which can be plugged into your handset’s headphone jack and allows you to take ‘’reliable and precise’’ wind measurements with your iPhone. There’re no electronic parts inside the device itself, that is built of ‘’high~performing plastics.’’

Cable Jive

Creative iOS Accessories This Week

The DockBoss5 ($23) is a kind of converter which allows you to connect your lightning~equipped iPhone 5 to the older, 30~pin speaker docks. You can now plug in power cord and can change your device.


Creative iOS Accessories This WeekThe Grablet ($30) is a clip~on iPad accessory which allows you to hold your iPad, safely, with only one hand. Firstly only for the full~size iPad, it’s available now for the iPad mini.


Creative iOS Accessories This WeekThe new acrylic base from  the Macgadgets is the signature sequence, crystal~clear, an engraved stand which is now available for only $150 for the full~sized iPads or iPad mini ($140). These stands are not really made for the home ~rather, they are intended for the use as the displays in businesses and at the trade shows, allowing entrepreneurs to show their goods numerically without upsetting that your tablet will run off.


Creative iOS Accessories This Week

The Rose Stone ($70) is a 6,000mAh battery which gives up to 4 emergency chargers for your handset. You will need to order the iOS~compatible ‘’MFI’’ version of battery, that comes with a handset cable and water~resistant pouch.

Pyle Audio

Creative iOS Accessories This Week

The SurfSound~play ($69) is a waterproof speaker: plug in your handset behind the shield of clear, touchscreen~friendly plastic, and monitor your tunes without annoying about your iPhone getting wet while poolside.


Creative iOS Accessories This WeekThe BoltBox ($25) is a retractable sync~and~charge cable made for the lightning~connector~equipped iOS devices. It’s stylish~available in 6 colors ~and the cable spreads up to 3 feet in the tangle~free fashion.


Creative iOS Accessories This WeekThe HiRise ($35) is a tabletop pedestal for the iPad mini and iPhone 5. Made of fleecy metal, you can fix the height of lightning~connector plug to the best fit whatever case you want with your device.


Creative iOS Accessories This Week

The Wireless Snake Scope ($200) comes with a flexible video probe ‘’concept for producing high~quality video inspections of the hard~to~reach or hard~to~see equipment or areas.’’ It conveys the live video back to the iOS device, allowing you to see where others can’t.


Creative iOS Accessories This WeekThe Victorinex Knife Block ($50) is, as its name suggests, a knife block for kitchen, but this one is intended to prop up an iPad, the better to hold your electronic cookbook ~or perhaps entertain yourself with the Netflix flicks ~while you are cooking.


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