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new iPad cases for your tabletIf you got bored with your old iPad case and want to replace it with new one, then make a shout as we bring you the top-notch cases that are elegant and durable as well. Let’s find which’ll go better with your tablet.


Watercolor Funfetti

The company’s Watercolor Funfetti ($65; iPad 2/3/4/mini) is made from true plastic to offer great protection from bumps and scratches. The texture of the case is also very catchy and elegant. So, why not to grab it now?


Soft-Tech Folio.

The Soft-Tec Ducati Folio ($80 to $90; for all iPads) is superbly engineered to protect your precious tablet from daily vagaries of life. Its non-slip coating offers a solid grip. It can also be doubled as typing or viewing stand in the landscape orientation.


Leather FolioThe Leather case ($130; all iPad models) is a hand-crafted folio made from top-level American leather to give solid protection and a decent look as well. It holds a pocket for your extra belongings like accessories, papers or pens.

Digital Treasures

Repel a nice case for your tabletThe Repel ($50; iPad 2/3/4) is a smart and folio-sort-of case that is dust & water proof, meaning you can keep your tablet along with you while having a beach party. The case can be doubled as a typing or viewing stand in the landscape orientation.


Slim Color FolioThe Slim Colour Folio ($70; iPad/iPad Air) features a rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard that can last up to 60hrs of continuous use. Available in purple, red, black, blue or green.


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