Cheerful iPhone Cases This Week

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Cheerful iPhone Cases This Week

This week’s iPhone~case roundup comprises some cheerful iPhone cases with a great blend of protective accessories, comprising some TV~inspired fashion, and one model in which our fellow citizen to the north show off all their…hoops.


The La Notte ($20; iPhone) is created from the silicon for a bouncy and soft feel structure which keeps your iPhone safe from the whims of daily life.

Cheerful iPhone Cases This Week

The case comes with a custom~designed owl graphic at the back, and offers an appropriate cutouts for accessing all possible iPhone’s cameras, buttons, and ports whereas the case is on.


The Cia ($35; iPhone 4,4S &5) is built from sturdy polycarbonate to give excellent protection form scratches and bumps.

Cheerful iPhone Cases This Week

It gives a vintage print of wood ‘Ciao’ replicated on the sides and the back.


The Exo 17 ($120 to $140; iPhone 5) gives a minimalist approach to the hardcode safety thanks to the all~aluminium construction which gives an additional protection and safety to your iPhone’s corners an sides.

Cheerful iPhone Cases This Week

Available in silver aluminium, black aluminium or brass.

Felony Case

The Gold Studs ($6O; iPhone 5) is created from TPU silicone and comes with a grid of gold knobs.

Cheerful iPhone Cases This Week

If gold is not your thing, then this Toronto~based artisan sells dozens of the other case which give frames and studs of many different colors.

Griffin Technology

The Pyragrid ($35;iPhone) comes with a motif inspired by an ancient Egyptian culture and made by the Project Runway twitch Amanda Valentne.

Cheerful iPhone Cases This Week

The case is printed with the UV~cured ink on the Griffin’s Reveal hardshell case, that gives great everyday protection.s


The ProTouch Titan ($25;iPhone 5) is a high~impact screen film whose multi~layered construction gives an excellent security from bumps, scratches and harder~than~usual impacts.

Cheerful iPhone Cases This WeekThe film, that gives an easy, bubble~free installation, also a superior viewing involvement and confirms full access to the iPhone’s touchscreen functionality.

Sneaker St.

The Champ X2 (iPhone 4,4S & 5; $35) is a next slim~fit case that gives an excellent safety and features a particular anti~glare camera ring to aid you get better pictures.

Cheerful iPhone Cases This Week

According to the maker, the cases will come on August 24.


The CandyShell Flip ($35;iPhone 5) is built from the shock~absorbing soft inner shell combined with the hard outer shell. The latter’s silky finish aids your handset slide in & out of your pocket with great ease.

Cheerful iPhone Cases This Week

Comes in nearly a dozen various color mixture, the case gives a bottom panel that flicks away for laid-back docking without having to entirely remove the candyshell from your handset.

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