Captivating iOS Accessories This Week

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Captivating iOS Accessories This WeekSome awesome and nifty pieces of accessories have arrived for your convenience. Here are some captivating iOS accessories which will enhance your Apple devices. Everyone needs something unique with the passage of time as soon they become tired with the same usual things so that’s why every week we accumulate some awesome accessories for you.

Apogee Digital

Captivating iOS Accessories This WeekThe Duet ($649) is a handy audio interface which connects your Mac or iOS device to MIDI interface to produce a professional kind music on your iPad or iPhone. You may see a lot of other recording apps for iOS but the Duet provides a great analog feel.


Captivating iOS Accessories This WeekThe amazing QuietComfort 20 ($300) contains innovative noise-stopping technology and you can control the music on your iPad and iPhone. It also comes with ‘’Aware’’ mode which will really make you feel awesome about it as it provides great clarity of sound.

Cambridge Audio

Captivating iOS Accessories This WeekThe Minx Go ($149) is a very handy and productive Bluetooth speaker which plays your favorite music wirelessly from your iOS devices. All that become more interesting with the two captivating woofers with this audio system for the pleasant sound. This is one of the best captivating iOS accessories which we have compiled for you.


Captivating iOS Accessories This WeekThe Eco Universal Dual ($15) USB Wall charger has been made to support your device as it charges your iOS device with one wall plug which is a great thing for your device and you.


Captivating iOS Accessories This WeekThe MobiAria ($200) is a NFC-allowed Bluetooth speaker with the nifty USB port for charging, means you can play or enjoy your music wirelessly with a full range of high class sound.

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