Apple Announces Official iPhone Accessories

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For the some time now, the Apple has been making its own accessories for their products such as iPad and the iPhone. And in spite missing out on iPhone 5 a year ago, a Cupertino company has made some official iPhone accessories for the new arrival of Apple, iPhone SS and iPhone 5C.

Apple Announces Official iPhone AccessoriesThe new and latest iPhone docks for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C seems simple but stylish. It allows you to charge your phone without pesky wires. Moreover, these devices might be used to connect to the stereo speaker. So, you would be now able to listen your beloved music while your handset is charging. While there is not any price tag has been decided for the docks, we are pretty sure that buying this accessory would be strongly recommended for the iPhone users.

Aside from iPhone dock, the Apple has also announced that the official cases for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.  The case for the iPhone 5S seems pretty cool with its leathery features. It’ll come in five nifty colors, comprising red for the short period of time. Here is the appearance of cases given below:

Apple Announces Official iPhone Accessories

While the cases for iPhone 5S seem good, the ones manufactured for iPhone 5C might raise some eyebrows. It comes in the 6 different colors, but what makes it pretty cool ( or look bad) are the holes on the back side. As a report from the GSM Arena, and few users point out, it seems like it should be paired with the Crocs in order to look great. And besides, there’re lots of cheaper and pretty nifty options outside.

However, in case you’re still interested, here is how they actually look like:

Apple Announces Official iPhone Accessories


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