8 Entrancing iOS accessories July 2013

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Entrancing iOS accessories July 2013

Your iPhone and iPad need to get updated with the new and Entrancing iOS accessories with the passage of time, So we are giving you some of the best iOS accessories July 2013. Enjoy the new and innovative accessories and make your devices more attractive.

Blue Flame

Entrancing iOS accessories July 2013

The amazing Slingshot $100 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that comes with the water resistance making it more unique. You can take it into your bathroom and can hang it to the showerhead, enjoy the music while taking shower. Morning news and phone calls can also be listened through it.


Entrancing iOS accessories July 2013

How’s your reaction when someone awakes you stupidly that makes your morning start so nasty. So lets have TimeShaker Dock $100 which comes with the lightning equipped dock for iPhone 5 and Bedshaker that vibrates your pillow so softly so that you can easily get up.


Entrancing iOS accessories July 2013

The AudiOffice $299 sets your iOS hardware middle of its business telephon system, allowing you to dock your Smartphon and make the calls using either 4 speakers in the base, or the involved handset for old fashioned personal discussion. The device supports OpenScape Mobility solutions, Siemens Enterprise communications, including video calling and VoIP.


Entrancing iOS accessories July 2013

This company is going to launch a car mount for iPhones that comes with rotation system and magnetic adaptor. It has been made to give a great support to your iPhone that it suits your car and your iPhone.


Entrancing iOS accessories July 2013

The enchanting Chubby stylus ($20) has been made for younger hands so that they can write and draw on the iPhone and iPad with great fun. The Touch Pen ($40) features a stylus tip for the iOS tablet use & a pen for use on paper.


Entrancing iOS accessories July 2013

The CS-255 ($299) is a lighting equipped speaker-dock audio system for iPhone 5. Moreover, 2 standalone speakers, it also includes FM/AM radio with 60 presents.

Soen Audio

Entrancing iOS accessories July 2013

You are about to enjoy new portable speaker that will let you play your desired music or phone calls wirelessly using your iOS device. It is easy to use and features a kickstand and a rubberized exterior surface.

Pyle Audio

Entrancing iOS accessories July 2013

Pyle audio’s innovative Sound Flow ($70) is wireless sound system, fits perfectly with the poolside use. Enjoy more bass for a long time as it offers 7 hours of play.

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