5 Most Wanted Retro Gaming Accessories

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When you are playing games on your PC or on other devices you will enjoy a lot but this time you have other options to use your creativeness by playing game taking into your hand and can place on things.

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The 5 most wanted retro gaming accessories are discussed in this article to give you options to play retro gaming at different places at home or somewhere else without any problem to carry these.

Brave Space Tetrad Flat:

Price: $1,315

Brave Space Tetrad FlatIt is very beautiful and attractive game in 5 most wanted retro gaming accessories which is available in different colors and you can choose your favorite one in all these but the total pieces should be 10 not more than ten. It is totally made of wood with different colors or one color and you have to join these pieces by using your sense that quality makes it creative for kids. Its shapes are different likt T, I, L, Z and white is available in white color.


Price: $12

TertriusThis magnet tetrius is an attachable accessory which can easily attach to your fridge or any other board where you want to place it. it contains seven pieces with different colors and shapes but if you will see the above picture then you can see all pieces are made with four squares but shapes are not equal and you can create you’re like most design and can easily removable and changeable whenever you to.

Pacman cookies cutter:

Price: $20

Pac man cookies cutterAs you can see in picture different shapes of Pacman cookies there which impress kids too much. These are available in market to buy not cookies but the cutters which make these shapes possible for every interested person. These are in four shapes and by using these you can make your favorite shape of Pac man of your cookie. These are made of plastic and very light weighted in different four colors.

USB Mushroom Lamp:

Price: $9.90

USB Mushroom LampThis is really amazing accessory made for systems and effective in sense that it has USB in and a cable which easily can attach with your PC or laptop without any resistance. The cool characteristic of it that it enhances the beauty of your device and you can use it to make your computer lightening in night to give it attractive feature. It is available in three different colors of red, green and blue, you can access your favorite one.

Arcade Megnet:

Price: $11.70

Arcade MegnetOne of the best 5 most wanted retro gaming accessory which is usable for your fridge and for other things at home. These are magnets and you can place these on fridges to make it more attractive which will show your creativeness. It is available in different colors along with one trigger, four different color buttons and three other control buttons, all are removable.

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